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Educational Supplies at McArdles Computer & Office Supplies

At McArdle's Computer and Office Supplies we stock and provide a wide range of educational supplies. We also offer IT Support and ICT Supplies.

30 years Experience



Educational Focus

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IT Support for your School or Educational Centre..

Here at McArdles, our mission goes beyond providing technology solutions. We help schools achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters - their students. Through our comprehensive range of services, we ensure our schools stay ahead in the ever-changing education landscape and maximize their educational success.


Educational Supplies & Services

At McArdles Computer and Office Supplies, we stock a vast range of educational products to suit your needs. Shop our online store, where we have over 30,000 products for you to choose from. You can also contact us if you need IT Support or ICT Supplies.

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Educational Products

Cut down your printing costs and maximise your business printing output.

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Arts & Crafts

From paints and glues to craft paper and accessories, visit our shop to see our range.

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ICT Supplies

Contact us to discuss the latest ICT Supplies available to your educational centre.

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IT Support

We offer a wide range of IT Support and solutions to schools and education centres.

ICT Supplies for your Educational Centre or School...

Through our long-standing and extensive partnerships with the world’s leading desktop and mobile device manufacturers, we are able to provide and deploy products and services with the appropriate front-end and back-end infrastructure for schools.

What our Educational Supplies & Services Clients Say...

Educational IT Support you can trust...

If you are looking to start, run or grow their business, set up a home office, explore creative pursuits, help their children develop the skills they need for school and beyond or, our products, services and team can help. Simply contact us below to get in touch with a dedicated member of our staff.

All your educational supplies and equipment in one place.

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